Student Testimonials

"Sara has an uncanny ability to listen to what you are doing, pinpoint the weakness, and throw you just the right direction to draw you into a truer read. She can do this because she knows how it feels to do it right, and has a gift for being able to express that in terms other actors can understand. She is a great teacher."

Richard Masur


" Without question, I can say Sara Krieger is the best teacher with whom I have ever studied in any medium. She has an extraordinary ability to hear what is good and what needs improvement. Years of voice-over success have honed her ability to listen and know exactly what makes for a successful read. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, Sara has a generosity of spirit that comes right from the heart. She combines her knowledge and skill with tireless patience and encouragement so that as a student you leave each session more competent and confident.

With her guidance I have seen immediate results in the number of my bookings. In this highly competitive field, Sara gives you the advantage. She is the best not-so-kept secret to success."

Jay Potter


"Sara Krieger is a wonderful voiceover coach. Within the course of our first conversation, she had a very clear sense of my vocal strengths, and succinctly told me in what direction she thought belonged. She is tremendously generous with all of her knowledge as a voiceover professional. Working with her was a joy; Sara shoots from the hip and with great warmth and humor. She is an excellent director, pushing just enough, and consistently communicating very clearly. She always made me feel at ease and taught me a great deal in a relatively short period of time. Sara also did a terrific job putting together my reel. Every aspect of creating the reel was orchestrated professionally and beautifully by her. I could not recommend her more highly."

Toni Silver


" The most special quality about Sara is her resourcefulness. In working with her, I found that when a problem was identified in my read, Sara was incredibly creative in finding approaches to resolve the problem. She really hears you and really gives you her full attention for the time you are together. Her style of coaching is very nurturing, and her personality engaging and warm --- A fabulous combination."

Michelle Ciolino


"As an instructor, Sara Krieger brings her wealth of experience as a working professional into the session. Her teaching helps the actor translate the work that they've done in other mediums to the voiceover arena. Sara's expertise helpfully guides your creative energy into a well-produced, professional CD. I would recommend her without hesitation."

Rebecca Damon


"After working with several voiceover coaches, I found Sara Krieger to be an informative and sincere instructor. She is aware of the current trends in the industry and therefore assists in producing a demo that is really professional. In addition, her insight and advice regarding the biz is invaluable. Whether you're a seasoned pro in need of a brush up or a novice, Sara will gear her sessions according to individual needs. She is truly a dedicated instructor."

Anita Paris


"I have learned so much studying voice-over with Sara Krieger. The way that Sara works is so practical and tangible it has even helped me with my approach to legit work. I am looking forward to putting my demo together with her. I know I am in good hands."

Jane Mendez





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