Voiceover Instruction


Private voiceover lessons are geared towards signed and union talent. All lessons are recorded on microphone. This allows the student an opportunity to focus on the nuances of their read, and to study their lessons at home.

New Students:

Each student begins class study with a private consultation, lasting one hour. During this consultation, the individual student's level and abilities are evaluated. Each student is given several pieces of voiceover copy to read, along with direction and the basic tools of effective copy reading. All the basics are touched on in this first consultation. Call for pricing.

The purpose of the initial consultation is to clarify for the student, as well as the teacher, in which direction to focus, in order to help the student get the most out of their private class work. (In other words, is the student strongest with straight ahead announce, conversational announce, character voices, etc.?) Once the student's primary direction is decided, copy is chosen and copy reading technique becomes the focus. Occasionally, a beginning student may be directed towards a group class, which may be more beneficial to the individual.

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Private Consultation and Study for Beginning Students will cover:

Group Classes:

Group classes can serve several purposes:

Focus is paid to:

Intermediate/Advanced Students -- Private Instruction:

Once direction and basic technique have been established, further attention is then paid to maintaining consistency and learning how to compete in a professional market. For the student who has completed the beginning course of VO study, focus is paid to the techniques involved in effective cold copy reading and communication of text.

Professional Students-- Private Instruction:

For the Professional student who is a signed client but finds that they may not be booking on a consistent enough basis or their reads lack a certain believability, we focus in on solving their specific problems and providing them with tools they can use on a daily basis.

Private Instruction for Intermediate/Advanced/Professional Students will Cover:





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