Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How many lessons does it take before I will be ready to go into the studio to do a demo reel?

ANSWER: Each student is different. Some people will take less time than others. The primary goal is to get the student to a competitive level as quickly as possible.

Why can't I just go into the studio without taking classes?

ANSWER: Anyone can sound good if properly coached and edited in the studio. However, the purpose of your demo is to help you procure either representation or work. Therefore, it serves no purpose to provide you with a reel that does not properly represent your abilities and level of talent outside of a controlled environment.

What happens in the first few lessons and what will I need to accomplish before I'm ready to do a demo?

ANSWER: The first lesson is a consultation, where the student is given several types of copy to read in order to establish where their "natural" read and style lies. Each subsequent lesson will address particular areas of copy reading, paying close attention to each student's needed areas of improvement. The demo is recorded only when the student has mastered how to properly interpret copy on their own.

So, what is the average time I should expect to study before I'm ready to do a reel?

ANSWER: Most people will take at least six weeks to effectively prepare for the studio. Again, each student's needs and abilities are different.

Why does it take so long to prepare for the studio?

ANSWER: The field of Voiceovers is extremely competitive. The teacher's job should be to ready the student for professional competition. Your demo is your calling card and if you plan on pursuing this professionally, you must be fully prepared!

But what about those other classes I've heard about that only take a few weeks and include a demo as part of the package?

ANSWER: For someone who wants to explore some voiceover basics and who simply wants a demo to play for themselves, their family or in a semi-professional situation, these classes and reels may be fine. BUT, if it is your purpose to pursue the field of voiceovers professionally, it is imperative that your product be of a professional, competitive quality.

But I've heard some of these demos and they sound perfectly fine to me! Why can't I look for an agent or work with a demo from one of those other classes?

ANSWER: What sounds fine to the untrained ear will NOT necessarily sound fine to a trained professional! Realize that agents receive literally hundreds of voiceover demos a month. A voiceover professional, whether it be an agent, a casting director or a producer, can tell very quickly by listening to a VO reel who is a professional and who is not. You want to make sure that your demo stands out in the best way possible from the hundreds of other reels that come across those desks!

Can you tell me why the demo costs what it does?

ANSWER: A reel will take several sessions to produce. You are paying for the recording facility, the engineer's time, coaching time in the studio, the producer's fee, as well as CD costs.

Once I record my copy, how long will it take me to get my demo reel?

ANSWER: Most reels can be produced in under six hours.

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