Demo Production


Demo reels can be produced for the professional/advanced student as well as for the intermediate student.

For the working professional, pieces of jobs already produced can be re-edited into a new reel. Should a reel need one or several other pieces of copy to properly fill it out, copy can be chosen and spots can be professionally produced to compliment existing work, creating a seamless and competitive reel.

For intermediate/advanced students wishing to make a demo reel, lessons are designed and copy is chosen with that goal in mind. Each demo's purpose is to present the student in the best possible light by demonstrating the depth of each student's range within a certain direction

Note: The field of Voiceovers is extremely competitive. Therefore, when putting together a voiceover reel, it is important to understand where each student's marketability lies. It is a common mistake to produce a tape that is "all over the map", showing absolutely everything the talent can do, but not focusing on the talent’s greatest strengths. Students are only taken into the studio to record when they are ready to compete professionally.

All demos are recorded in one of the top professional voiceover recording facilities in New York. After material has been selected specifically for each individual student, it is digitally recorded. Once the vocal tracks are produced, music is then painstakingly selected and added to the voice tracks. The order is then decided and the reel is then sequenced and edited for time. The finished product is presented to the student in a CD format. Great attention to detail is paid from start to finish, enabling the student to walk away with the most individual, professional sounding and competitive demo reel possible.

Frequently Asked Questions


Professional Student Demo:
Professional VO Actors:
Includes private coaching and direction in studio, production of reel (vocal tracks, music research and matching to copy, sequencing, etc.) engineer costs,
studio costs, and tape and CD expenses.
Update your reel by either adding pieces of needed copy to your existing reel or reorganize your current reel with your latest jobs.
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