Public Speaking Techniques

Who needs a public speaking coach?

  1. Executives who must motivate their work force and who need to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively

  2. Sales reps who must inspire and excite potential buyers

  3. Anyone who needs help speaking in front of groups of people or of presenting their ideas in public

How can these particular public speaking skills help me in my everyday life?

  1. By learning the secret of effective communication

  2. By making yourself heard and truly understood

  3. By being able to communicate your ideas swiftly and effectively

  4. By learning what professional speakers know...
  • The secrets of charismatic speaking
  • How to bring a room to attention
  • How to create interest from your audience

What sets Vocal Point Public Speaking technique apart from all others?

The techniques behind Vocal Point Public Speaking are rooted in the same techniques used by professional Voiceover Announcers and On-Camera Spokespeople.

The Vocal Point method will teach you:

  • How to "break down" your spoken presentation into "beats"
  • How to pace your read
  • How to use your voice to it's best advantage
  • How to understand the vocal patterns of attention getting speech
  • How to physically express what you are trying to say
  • How to actually get your audience to feel what you want them to feel
  • How to rivet the attention of your audience
  • How to make yourself more charismatically "listenable" !

How long does this take to learn?

The fundamentals of the Vocal Point technique can be learned by virtually anyone in one session. The more the technique is fine tuned, the more effective the results.

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